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Have you been planning to build a house for yourself or your family? If that’s the matter, don’t take anything for granted. Why? That’s because it’s too complicated and expensive. Working on it independently might lead you to costly mistakes. So you better work with a trusted construction company like Ten Hoeve Construction Co Inc. We can help you achieve your construction goals without causing trouble. So if you’re in Fairview, NJ, you can hire our team immediately! Book an appointment today!

Construction Service

We Offer These Services

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Do you want to turn your small and weary kitchen into something spacious and functional? If that’s your goal, don’t try to work on it alone because you might create a mess. The best thing you’ll do is to work with a trusted construction contractor like us. We can makeover your kitchen based on everything you want.
Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

If you think you need to remodel your bathroom, ensure to hire a professional like us. We have general construction services that include bathroom remodeling. So with us, you can get everything you need in a snap. We will suggest various remodeling ideas that can be beneficial to your bathroom. Call us now!
Home Addition 

 Home Addition

Do you want to add a new room to your house? Whether it is a new kitchen or bedroom for your new family member, you better ask for help from the experts like us. We offer affordable construction services that may suit your needs. What are you waiting for? Leave your home addition project to us for quality results!
Framing Service

Framing Service

While framing is essential to any structure, it isn’t the easiest to work with. So if you have concerns with your framing, don’t attempt to do the task alone. Because if you do, you might regret it. So you better hire experts like us. We can work wonders and give you what you need. Turn to us and book our service!
Custom Trimming

Custom Trimming

Do you want to customize your trim? If that’s what you want, don’t attempt to work on it alone. Although you want to personalize it, it doesn’t mean you must work on it alone. Doing so without proper knowledge is like losing in a war. So you better hand your project to experts like us. Give our team of experts a call today!
Construction Service

Our Other Services You May Need

Apart from the services mentioned, we have others that you might need in the future. That includes siding, roofing installation, roofing repair, roofing replacement, decking, basement remodeling, and painting services. Our dedicated team is always ready to work with you from planning to the actual work. Tell us what you need and we'll be there for you.

Is It Worth Hiring Our Team?

It is worth working with our team. Why? You’ll get to enjoy our authentic and world-class services. So you can continue your everyday life without worrying about the project. Plus, we can also help you save extra because you don’t need to purchase any tools. By using our construction and remodeling solutions, you can enjoy a safer, more comfortable, more functional, and more appealing property. So what are you waiting for? Hire us now!

How Do We Deliver Our Services?

We deliver our services with pride. We have been serving authentic and world-class services to our clients. That’s why they keep coming for more. We never change our ways to preserve our signature touch. We’ve been doing that since 1981. Aside from that, we are certified and licensed. We also have free estimates. Now, do you like working with us? Call us now!

Our Team Also Supply Services In Areas Like:

  • Cliffside Park Borough, NJ
  • Fort Lee Borough, NJ
  • Fairview Borough, NJ
  • Edgewater Borough, NJ
  • Guttenberg Town, NJ

Ten Hoeve Construction Co Inc is the name you can trust when you need a company offering complete construction services in Fairview, NJ. Call our team at (551) 317-2438 today to schedule!

Client Testimonials

Apr 3, 2023
Five Stars for This Team

My boyfriend and I planned to build a house to share, but we don't have one to consider. Luckily, a friend suggested this construction company, and we're so happy we hired them. They're amazing in any way and approachable. They also involved us in planning and preparations. That's why we did have the house we're dreaming of. This one's a must-hire!

Construction Service
Construction Service

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